Oy oldin
TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!
Da KAYLA 16 soat oldin
Y’all does everyone forget about what he did?
Alicia Gonzalez
Alicia Gonzalez 16 soat oldin
I didn’t know a makeup artist could be an artist😮
Brianna Ford
Brianna Ford 16 soat oldin
Chloe Guy
Chloe Guy 16 soat oldin
y does James look like Noah beck .............. love u James
Arin Laschober
Arin Laschober 16 soat oldin
Damn. You’re really good. I work in ophthalmology and love eyes. I’d love this picture, but I’m sure you’re keeping it or so many people also want it, so just going to enjoy seeing it.
꧁dixiable꧂ 16 soat oldin
Giuliana Giudice
Giuliana Giudice 16 soat oldin
You look like Bob Ross when you were like freely paint stroking love it
sophia melevage
sophia melevage 16 soat oldin
Am I the only one that noticed that his shirt was inside out when he was painting?
Laura Valera
Laura Valera 16 soat oldin
OMG JAMES!! You should do more painting, that's amazing, such a beautiful picture ❤️❤️
Narcisa Rivas
Narcisa Rivas 16 soat oldin
Barbara Washingtone
Barbara Washingtone 16 soat oldin
The obeisant bed naturalistically listen because bird appropriately protect lest a colossal grain. oafish, illustrious television
Rylie Fajerski
Rylie Fajerski 16 soat oldin
Dang what did he do take 59999000 years in art
Did I Even Ask -_-
Did I Even Ask -_- 16 soat oldin
“that siren is so rUuUuuUUde” *that was beautiful*
Wakinyan Raines
Wakinyan Raines 16 soat oldin
At 4:22 you cursed I dunno if curse all the time
dior plays
dior plays 16 soat oldin
I never never knew u could paint 🎨 that good but u are a artist a💅 💄 makeup artist
Ts Mariana Villalobos
Ts Mariana Villalobos 16 soat oldin
Read the room sister
Emily Lt
Emily Lt 16 soat oldin
James did you get a perm?
Estee Meisels
Estee Meisels 16 soat oldin
So James is beautiful independent talented makeup artist and now he's a painter sister i cant walk down stairs without banging me toe or tripping sis u are talented
Titouan et Gaetan
Titouan et Gaetan 16 soat oldin
w h a t
Ari's LIFE
Ari's LIFE 16 soat oldin
i know for a fact your a good makeup artist but today noticed that, your an amazing painter aswell
jessica olsen
jessica olsen 16 soat oldin
it’s the inside out shirt for me 😭
Kennedy Freitas
Kennedy Freitas 16 soat oldin
He's literally amazing, like, perfect at everything. Great job sister!
Ella Mc carville
Ella Mc carville 16 soat oldin
you should sell it on ebay for a vid idea and see how much people are willing to pay for it love your vids
Aubrie Games and more
Aubrie Games and more 16 soat oldin
im upset like looked on your merch a cried bcs i didnt see sisster merch
CC 16 soat oldin
I missed your videos James! <3
Clueless 16 soat oldin
He sings, plays piano, draws, paints, does makeup, there's literally nothing he cant do besides... dancing lolll love you james
Isabelle Horvath
Isabelle Horvath 16 soat oldin
James is an artist in all ways, in makeup, painting, and singing. Keep doing you James and keep being the queen that you are❤❤❤
Citrus Friends
Citrus Friends 16 soat oldin
please do this again but follow a bob ross tutorial! I think that would be really stressful and memorable
Madelynn Warner
Madelynn Warner 16 soat oldin
idk if it was a stylistic choice, but james is wearing his shirt inside out
Giovanina Trotta
Giovanina Trotta 16 soat oldin
Love your hair style
Kolbie Boyer
Kolbie Boyer 16 soat oldin
answer my text
Sariah Jackson
Sariah Jackson 16 soat oldin
amazing job!!!!
Ophelia B
Ophelia B 16 soat oldin
Kk not to be rude but!.... your shirt is inside out “JAMES”
Barbara Washingtone
Barbara Washingtone 16 soat oldin
The squeamish crown philly watch because packet spindly trap above a wealthy thread. ethereal, tangy tower
Cookie Clouds gotcha factory
Cookie Clouds gotcha factory 16 soat oldin
Me:ya you do talk at little fast James:* go’s slow* Also me:nope nope nope nope nope nope Also they really make you Ursula 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Kaylee Wilder
Kaylee Wilder 16 soat oldin
Okay but like this might just be me, but I would definitely buy it if he sold it. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! You’re so talented James!
Klea Kapllani
Klea Kapllani 16 soat oldin
Raven TWELLS 16 soat oldin
OMG James ur art is amazing just like all ur make up 😘😘
Kanchi Mhetre
Kanchi Mhetre 16 soat oldin
Ur so talented
Lauren Field
Lauren Field 16 soat oldin
did anyone else notice at 13:22 james’s lock screen was charli and dixie from when they did their makeup together?
Jenni’s vlogsss
Jenni’s vlogsss 16 soat oldin
Camila Long
Camila Long 16 soat oldin
I Also Got Chic-Fil-A Edit: Can U Open My Chocy Milky?
Kailey Ann
Kailey Ann 16 soat oldin
Allison Duque
Allison Duque 16 soat oldin
Someone made a rug for you she made so many rugs I forgot her name UZpost name
sherman bennette
sherman bennette 16 soat oldin
Come through Bob ross
N Foreman
N Foreman 16 soat oldin
I cant be the only one that noticed his shirt being inside out... no shade tho me too lol :)
Faith Williams
Faith Williams 16 soat oldin
Don't forget to varnish it so it doesn't get ruined‼️
nicole 16 soat oldin
james is so talented in so many ways wtf 😳
Fusion inc.
Fusion inc. 16 soat oldin
I love how Nas blew up and he's not afraid to be himself regardless. Definitely gonna set the stage for future artists to be open.
Sagimin Kartoredjo
Sagimin Kartoredjo 16 soat oldin
James avoid the haters they will regret that and dont worry I will support you :-D
Violet Timmons
Violet Timmons 16 soat oldin
Hey James it the new year future fairy and put a mask on and u owe me 20,0,0000000000000000 dollors😊😷 lol
MGirlsSquad 16 soat oldin
Cillian Simon
Cillian Simon 16 soat oldin
"Millions of people are watching." Yes, they're watching how you put on makeup and talk about foundation and concealer... Shaping the world one lip-gloss at the time = role model. Really? That's it? Toni Morrison, pack your shit and go home. Creating makeup looks is the REAL deal. 🙄 Their job is a real job, no doubt about it, but they take their roles way too seriously.
Kylie Write
Kylie Write 16 soat oldin
James did you realize your shirt is on inside out
Addison Morris
Addison Morris 16 soat oldin
james your shirt is inside out
Amayah Anderson
Amayah Anderson 16 soat oldin
Is it just me or is James shirt inside out
[Sakori Chan]
[Sakori Chan] 16 soat oldin
Why he looks like Pokedigger, the fuck sis?
Candice 16 soat oldin
At the end jojo looks like Nikkie
Orlaith Donnelly
Orlaith Donnelly 16 soat oldin
it would be so funny if James did Harry styles makeup
Krisandra Santiago
Krisandra Santiago 16 soat oldin
The bold cap on him looks like he actually shaved his head
luna 16 soat oldin
this is me playing all of james' videos in my homophobic dad's house to piss him off
Sky Falls
Sky Falls 16 soat oldin
That’s all makeup
Lulu Budd
Lulu Budd 16 soat oldin
james ily sm and love everything about u but what is going on with ur eye brows atm like please dont take effence but i want to help cus they look a bit dead
Sophia !!!
Sophia !!! 16 soat oldin
You should sell more paintings on eBay. Not this one but maybe something different. Also use really paint it’s better! Even though I did not try makeup paint!
Sofia Bol
Sofia Bol 16 soat oldin
It so gorgeous that painting 🖼 😯
Sara Dapin
Sara Dapin 16 soat oldin
Susan Omorodion
Susan Omorodion 16 soat oldin
It looks like a bruise eye