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James Charles

26 kun oldin

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I tried to bake a cake from scratch, with NO RECIPE. Inspired by the Try Guys, I had to guess every single ingredient from my memory to try to bake a delicious vanilla cake and I let my friends try it at the end... enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Olivia Tinker
Olivia Tinker 28 daqiqa oldin
Lone Zombie
Lone Zombie 9 soat oldin
Thats strange... James falls under the UZpost category of beauty and makeup. Maybe we can make a category called "Copy the Try Guys" for him instead. always copying others...including MJ. Stay in your lane James
smol_panda1234 10 soat oldin
me: sees james charles posted also me: automatticly clicks it and likes it
Quennie Rio Torres
Quennie Rio Torres 12 soat oldin
Is that Gotmik?
Lola FERNANDEZ BORDOS 14 soat oldin
When James add all the ingredientes because it has a lot of flour I was like just add more milkkkk hahahah
Mulqti Edits
Mulqti Edits 15 soat oldin
Can we just talk about how he is copying Emma chamberlain
Nereyda Gerardo
Nereyda Gerardo 15 soat oldin
Hay sisters i love your video's
luna 16 soat oldin
this is me playing all of james' videos in my homophobic dad's house to piss him off
Caroline Majano
Caroline Majano 20 soat oldin
You use: Canola oil - to put in a recipe Vegetable oil - to fry Olive oil - to grease the pan
Lisa Swenson
Lisa Swenson 20 soat oldin
Lgbtg+ squad
11277-Mohammed Samer S Aloufi
11277-Mohammed Samer S Aloufi 22 soat oldin
Hai sisters Bro bro bro chill pleaseeee DO ANYTHING U WANT BUT DONT SAY HAI SISTERS
Jelle Stalenhoef
Jelle Stalenhoef 22 soat oldin
11:07 “recipes are boring” YESS
Rachel Cummins
Rachel Cummins Kun oldin
OMG James!! BWAHAHA you are supposed to put in the sugar, eggs, milk, and oil together then in a different bowl you mix the dry ingredients. THEN you mix them together HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
Rachel Cummins
Rachel Cummins Kun oldin
sorry I forgot to say to add the vanilla
misosoup Kun oldin
.....Gordon Ramsay is SHAKING
Jessica Scarletdawndj DiMartino
Jessica Scarletdawndj DiMartino Kun oldin
Drew doing the mum rock in the back lol
Jessica Scarletdawndj DiMartino
Jessica Scarletdawndj DiMartino Kun oldin
The sound effects lol
M ¡NtY
M ¡NtY Kun oldin
You have NOOO idea how exited I was when I saw a cooking video. THESE ARE NY FAV VIDEOS!!!
Polgar Maria
Polgar Maria Kun oldin
Theo is already so big!! 🥺🥺
Rory Grassbaugh
Rory Grassbaugh Kun oldin
James' shock when he's told that baking soda is for baking is priceless, lmao! And wow! He did such a great job! I bake cakes from scratch all the time, and I definitely saw some places where he went wrong as the video went on, but for someone who doesn't really bake, not using a recipe? I think it turned out great!!! And hey, at least sister James gave it a try! Have a great day, guys!
Daily Taylor
Daily Taylor Kun oldin
The title : Baking a Cake WITHOUT A RECIPE! **DISASTER** The video: 1:40 *James Recipe*
akshadha prabhu
akshadha prabhu Kun oldin
I'm glad that James can at least do this
Rylen McCauley
Rylen McCauley Kun oldin
James vanilla amount was like the two shots of vodka vine Lmao
Basically Kate
Basically Kate Kun oldin
0:48 Harry styles???? (This isn’t meant to be offensive)
Hailey Alarcon
Hailey Alarcon Kun oldin
Hi James I am a big big big big big fan I love doing make up because of you thank you for this give
Abyade medina
Abyade medina Kun oldin
Loving the nails
ld Shadow girl
ld Shadow girl Kun oldin
I love cooking
itsme Kun oldin
Why did he call us out😢😂
blue berrii
blue berrii Kun oldin
Damn, James Can Bake Better Than Me Tho-
ꨄmøcha Dragønꨄ
ꨄmøcha Dragønꨄ Kun oldin
Me: what about the eggs!!!!!
ꨄmøcha Dragønꨄ
ꨄmøcha Dragønꨄ Kun oldin
Oh no really just as I posted this he added eggs I’m dying right now God
Arantza Cort�s Beltr�n
Arantza Cort�s Beltr�n Kun oldin
this video is funny 🤣
Shubhangi Kokate
Shubhangi Kokate 2 kun oldin
You didn't add Coco powder
Leela Rappoort
Leela Rappoort 2 kun oldin
You can do this!
hamster eats food
hamster eats food 2 kun oldin
I was watching as a baker and was cringing, you did like everything wrong lol, i think you need practice.
Kate Loh
Kate Loh 2 kun oldin
Well at least it’s not Gordon Ramsey rubbish
Geetha Manoj
Geetha Manoj 2 kun oldin
Its a funny cooking video
Shelley Meneses
Shelley Meneses 2 kun oldin
Wait.... yall bake cakes with recipes??
i think im alive?
i think im alive? 2 kun oldin
Okay well... i think a lot of people bake without a recipe ;-;
Rose Christina
Rose Christina 3 kun oldin
0:00 hi
Rose Christina
Rose Christina 3 kun oldin
Rose Christina
Rose Christina 3 kun oldin
Prio Bangladesh
Prio Bangladesh 3 kun oldin
😅😬🤐😶😳😳😣😁😆🙂😀😃🤣😂😂😂you are soooooooo funny
UwU depo
UwU depo 3 kun oldin
i will leave this here : 6:45
hi 3 kun oldin
“none of us drink it,it’s gross” the only time I can agree with james
xXMariposaXx UwU
xXMariposaXx UwU 3 kun oldin
James: Just a splash of Vanilla Extract. (literally DUMPS the whole bottle) James: Just a pinch of salt, *Makes a tsunami in the cake batter* Me: 👁👄👁 You don’t even add salt in cakes! But no hate love ya sister it was just a little funny!
xXMariposaXx UwU
xXMariposaXx UwU 3 kun oldin
Ok so I was like: oh yeah, he’s doing good. Until sister says “Oil and a pinch of salt” Me: 😔👁👄👁 James: Living for it Me: Still 👁👄👁 No hate sister just thought it was a bit funny.
Şimal Yağan
Şimal Yağan 3 kun oldin
I wonder how did it taste like?
Emma Ortega
Emma Ortega 3 kun oldin
“Maybe I’ll do sugar next, dry ingredients” -Already added the butter-😂
Isabella Mayi
Isabella Mayi 3 kun oldin
Are u cooking, Groom cakes 🤩🤩🤩
Vedika Goon
Vedika Goon 3 kun oldin
Angel Marie
Angel Marie 3 kun oldin
Not you stealing Emma’s idea
MandyCandy1996 3 kun oldin
Dollar tree makeup haul!!!
Grace Ortis
Grace Ortis 3 kun oldin
I’m literally in that phase rn- 🤭😳
Maria Castro
Maria Castro 3 kun oldin
He forgot the milk yall 🥛
Beanie Boo Taylem
Beanie Boo Taylem 3 kun oldin
You should do this again but make brownies
my hero fan ll
my hero fan ll 3 kun oldin
we denfinty need some VaniLa ACtstRaCt
Amar Parganlija
Amar Parganlija 3 kun oldin
when i saw how his new dog grew up so much i was litterly shocked
Sherna Joseph
Sherna Joseph 3 kun oldin
Hi I’m a fan
Josh Glass
Josh Glass 3 kun oldin
OMG is that gottmik👀❤️🥰
Ryan & Emma Nowell
Ryan & Emma Nowell 3 kun oldin
That was so much salt!!!!
iemand nogwat
iemand nogwat 3 kun oldin
You mean a BAKING video
Nev M
Nev M 3 kun oldin
That’s funny cuz I was obsessed with baking after watching some Food Network baking show when I was like 14. Convinced I was gonna be a lil cake artist 🧑‍🍳 🧁
SKYLER HICKS 3 kun oldin
I think he is making cookies instead.......that list of ingredients thoughhh. Alsoooo he couldve added some water to fix it, but whatever Chames Jarles just keep going...
Galaxy Pup Ryn
Galaxy Pup Ryn 4 kun oldin
**laughs** I know how to bake 5 cakes cuz my mom and grandma bake A LOT
AmazingRadish 4 kun oldin
James: Three or Four cups Me being British: Tf is a cup
Mia Alyssa
Mia Alyssa 4 kun oldin
Me when my mom doesn't let me make my own b day cake bc I always decorated it with glitters too much be like:
Cynthia Ibrahim
Cynthia Ibrahim 4 kun oldin
Xxsunshine RobloxxX
Xxsunshine RobloxxX 4 kun oldin
james: half a cup of butter * puts the whole block of butter in*
Summer Hamilton
Summer Hamilton 2 kun oldin
Aww no likes :(
lola Gotcha
lola Gotcha 4 kun oldin
James: let's add milk to the recipe Me: no no No add water
Living Legends
Living Legends 4 kun oldin
8:40 james you need to take the cake out of the tin like 3 minutes after you take it out of the oven because otherwise it will be hard to take out :) just saying
Living Legends
Living Legends 4 kun oldin
welcome to james getting food poisoning lol
Hadiseh Shavandi 2
Hadiseh Shavandi 2 4 kun oldin
I loved the math part😂 brilliant
Kimberly Gonzalez-Soto
Kimberly Gonzalez-Soto 4 kun oldin
Caroline Kirby
Caroline Kirby 4 kun oldin
6:49 PLS-
*chickennugget *
*chickennugget * 4 kun oldin
me when i see disaster in a video:*clicks istantly*
Olivia Rogosienski
Olivia Rogosienski 4 kun oldin
Noooooo not the second stick or even the first
Myra Tindell
Myra Tindell 4 kun oldin
he needed more milk and BUTTER
Aidan Rappos
Aidan Rappos 4 kun oldin
"baking sodas not for baking" lol haha
Hana Sor
Hana Sor 4 kun oldin
Who saw this vid and thought about his old video explaining that he bakes a cake? Just me?
Ruyiou Reizei
Ruyiou Reizei 4 kun oldin
"Isn't cake bread?" *silence* true facts. 👌
Kylee Nierodzinski
Kylee Nierodzinski 4 kun oldin
Lmao you forgot sugar
Sophie Pirveli
Sophie Pirveli 4 kun oldin
Everyone who’s cooking or baking be like: AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHA 🥴😳🤭
Kalealani Ho
Kalealani Ho 4 kun oldin
Bakers and cooks watching this like:😗oop
Graycie 4 kun oldin
Baking soda is used for baking.... 😂
Christopher Capalbo
Christopher Capalbo 4 kun oldin
It looks like a green screen back round
1minute ONE DIRECTION Clips
1minute ONE DIRECTION Clips 4 kun oldin
I still didnt know the background music like when he panicks
Shabbir Ali
Shabbir Ali 5 kun oldin
Ok. I didn’t know Gottmik lived with James Charles?
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Cookies and Milk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Cookies and Milk ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 5 kun oldin
me wondering whos the guy in a black hat lol he seems familiar to me
Ella A
Ella A 5 kun oldin
I love baking cheese cake, especially lemon cheese cake !😍🤤🧀🍰
Curlz MSP
Curlz MSP 5 kun oldin
james you didnt put the milk
Aisyatun Nabiha
Aisyatun Nabiha 5 kun oldin
Zoya Anwar
Zoya Anwar 5 kun oldin
James you literally did a baking collab with Ro and she helped you bake and you literally forgot the steps. I'm a professional baker and I'm younger than you and you can't even bake a cake properly. Wow. Lol. 🤣😂😝🤭
Helloo Potatoes
Helloo Potatoes 5 kun oldin
You only have to do 2 tsp of milk only xd
Elliot 5 kun oldin
Elliot 5 kun oldin
It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake DROP IT DOWN B@#$& JSIXOAKKFOOAKEKDKOWOCI
Jelly Squid
Jelly Squid 5 kun oldin
The difference between baking soda and baking powder is that baking powder has baking soda in it. They are both leavening tools which means they both make things rise. That’s why there is no yeast in cakes.
-SunDragon- 5 kun oldin
Most of my cakes I write the recipe ;-; but I’ve been doing it for a while now so... Also, thank you, so much, James, for causing me 12 minutes of pain
Georgia kirk
Georgia kirk 5 kun oldin
did anyone else look upa acake recapie to follow alog to see if he was doing it right l ol
Jasmine Johns
Jasmine Johns 5 kun oldin
He got a 0.06% but werrkk 🥰🤚🏾
dave dominte
dave dominte 5 kun oldin
I think james charles is trying to tell my fortune for the time i actually wanna cook.
•Kiwi Kiki Playz•
•Kiwi Kiki Playz• 5 kun oldin
Tbh I’m kinda feeling his makeup in his video 😳
willow coolican
willow coolican 5 kun oldin
I’m bi and from grades 4 to 6 I wanted to be a cake decorator
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