Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!

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James Charles

4 oy oldin

HI SISTERS! Today's video is with a guest that needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner! We're back for a part 2 to our iconic Halloween video! I did a really scary cheetah look on Kylie while talking all about her new collection, Stormi's Halloween, Tik Tok, What's next after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and so much more! Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Surayya Coe
Surayya Coe 5 soat oldin
all my damn life I never knew Kylie was born on my birthday. im Augast 10
Bun 10 soat oldin
Kylie looks so good without makeup *tEaCh mE hOw* 😭
Chloe Harrington
Chloe Harrington 14 soat oldin
I like how James said nasty and then was about to take another sip
khadijas world
khadijas world 7 soat oldin
Arsen 14 soat oldin
CameronChrister 18 soat oldin
Hey sisters
Elisjana Peca
Elisjana Peca Kun oldin
James after few years: Doing president makeup
Samantha Kowalczyk
Samantha Kowalczyk Kun oldin
The intro should be, Hey sisters I have someone special today can you please introduced yourself Hey guys it's Kylie 🥰
Anusha George
Anusha George Kun oldin
can u pretty please do a Collab with stormi
zaza quinn
zaza quinn Kun oldin
you can see how stormi lights kylie up. i think its the one thing that makes her truly happy! love u kylie
Basundhara Paul
Basundhara Paul Kun oldin
There's only one person I like from the Kardashian/Jenner family .
Queen_roblox900 Moore
Queen_roblox900 Moore Kun oldin
Hi sisters James Charles here 🔥🔥😜😜😜
Mico Gordola
Mico Gordola Kun oldin
The fact that Kylie's final "🐆 jaguar dress" on this vid was the same actual dress also that she wear on the Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Wap official music video
Rachit Tripathi
Rachit Tripathi Kun oldin
Hey James one of my friend ARIHANT KANDPAL from india shares features with you .. Wanna Collab?!
Prisila Dewi
Prisila Dewi Kun oldin
I like Kylie personaliti so kind
Katelinmay Oldfield
Katelinmay Oldfield Kun oldin
OmG mY dIaMoNd EaRiNg
Faith Kun oldin
bella poarch
amaya gomez
amaya gomez Kun oldin
you should do stormi's makeup
maria cv
maria cv Kun oldin
like: si habla español la amo
Divine Giewelaar
Divine Giewelaar 2 kun oldin
My favorite Kardashian
Divine Giewelaar
Divine Giewelaar 2 kun oldin
Kylie i love you you are my favorite
Chitra Modi
Chitra Modi 2 kun oldin
I was fully focused on what Kylie was saying and sorry for James bcz i just ignored his make up 😅😘
Natasha Ramroop
Natasha Ramroop 2 kun oldin
Omg it's Kylie guys
Javeria Abubakar
Javeria Abubakar 2 kun oldin
Kylie looks so good even without make-up
Nymaia H
Nymaia H 2 kun oldin
kylie has such a baby face with no makeup on 😍
¡Valeria Rodriguez!
¡Valeria Rodriguez! 2 kun oldin
Epa like si Eres latino y no entiendes casi nada de lo que están hablando😂
Kiya Mittal
Kiya Mittal 2 kun oldin
Kylie Jenner talking about addinso rae
Laura Diaz
Laura Diaz 2 kun oldin
i love babýs
The Doney Family
The Doney Family 2 kun oldin
This was published on my BDAY!!!
Samantha Gobin
Samantha Gobin 2 kun oldin
dem nails do be a weapon doe
It's Ellixe
It's Ellixe 2 kun oldin
honestly their nails could have made those scratches XD
Cassiah Harris
Cassiah Harris 2 kun oldin
James: You should start to dance more Kylie: I dont do dances James: Have you done the wap? Kylie: No, but i know the dance moves James: Really, you did at dinner just a few minutes ago Kylie: Oh, well i don't remember James: I do s t r a i g h t v i b e s me: *ofc u do*
Shannon Dunne
Shannon Dunne 2 kun oldin
PaRt ToW
Angela Tomlin
Angela Tomlin 2 kun oldin
They look like siblings
Anna O Reilly
Anna O Reilly 3 kun oldin
I think a great person and I love her personality and she is vey kind I love UZpost video with stormi and I love her makeup 😁👍
Zahraa Bashir
Zahraa Bashir 3 kun oldin
Again! Plz do it with kylie & stormi
Juneigh the Leopard Gecko and Amelia
Juneigh the Leopard Gecko and Amelia 3 kun oldin
It's so nasty *takes another sip*
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 3 kun oldin
James u suck
Wilson Largo
Wilson Largo 3 kun oldin
is that really kylie jenner
Dovephia Sha Mo
Dovephia Sha Mo 3 kun oldin
colleb with gaga
ximena hornedo
ximena hornedo 3 kun oldin
James JAMEEES I already decided, you are the champion of all the glow up seasons, you need to go to wiiiin !! 💕
Swati Singh
Swati Singh 3 kun oldin
Kylie's left side profile in this makeover is similar to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
BHOOMIKA KP 3 kun oldin
14:19 that pink heart emoji is all I am asking plssssssssssssuuuggghhhh
Jay Miller-Foulk
Jay Miller-Foulk 4 kun oldin
How does he talk and do makeup at the same time I-
Roxana Sandoval
Roxana Sandoval 4 kun oldin
James should review Kylie makeup
Star girl
Star girl 4 kun oldin
Kylie looks so cute 🥰 when she doesn’t have any makeup on 💗
Reen Shaye
Reen Shaye 4 kun oldin
I just don't understand people these days like geez who cares if she have plastic surgeries? Can we like normalize it and with or without surgeries she's still pretty. Its so toxic that people is bringing her down as long as it makes her happy then go ahead. It's so sad that women should support each other not like this.
Brielle Gallagher
Brielle Gallagher 4 kun oldin
James video idea
Taehyung is a masterpiece
Taehyung is a masterpiece 4 kun oldin
James is an artist
Eduard Medina d viazzo
Eduard Medina d viazzo 4 kun oldin
No entendí ni mier**
Nicolas Prouvost
Nicolas Prouvost 5 kun oldin
Ça vois me soule 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
Osa's Ekhator
Osa's Ekhator 5 kun oldin
Do part 2
Selin Sen
Selin Sen 5 kun oldin
Pls do ariana grande
Bibiana Quirke
Bibiana Quirke 5 kun oldin
the things james has on his desk
Skyler Marshall
Skyler Marshall 5 kun oldin
She what are y on 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skyler Marshall
Skyler Marshall 5 kun oldin
She said what are you on
grmp 19
grmp 19 5 kun oldin
Her jacket was so vibrant, her fingers looked like it was floatinn, reminds me of the clothes in Chowder
Meave y cleopatra Gatas
Meave y cleopatra Gatas 5 kun oldin
I love you Kylie Jenner beautiful goddess you are my idol you are amazing with makeup James ✨😉😘✌️
Caroline rollins
Caroline rollins 5 kun oldin
you know Kylie seems pretty nice and sweet.
LegendPlayz 5 kun oldin
Lollll Loved the vid
Creative Thinker Anik
Creative Thinker Anik 5 kun oldin
Cute Video🌹💋 My Loving TOUCH🌹💋
Dixie Pixie
Dixie Pixie 5 kun oldin
james: "thats degusting!" also james: *continues to drink it*
cata juegos Catalina Ignacia pezo
cata juegos Catalina Ignacia pezo 5 kun oldin
Kylie perfet you love 👉🏻👈🏻
its Jan
its Jan 6 kun oldin
Why you hate Kylie?? by the way I love Kylie
Maisie Douglas
Maisie Douglas 6 kun oldin
You dun a good job
Maisie Douglas
Maisie Douglas 6 kun oldin
That looks great and botifol james
Grace 6 kun oldin
james should just start a talk show
Amelia callaghan
Amelia callaghan 6 kun oldin
i LOVE kylie's personalityyyy
Hailey McCarthy
Hailey McCarthy 6 kun oldin
you should do food makeup
halle fletcher
halle fletcher 6 kun oldin
hi i love your vid pls can i have a shot out plss
alhemdull eh
alhemdull eh 7 kun oldin
The abashed downtown classically rub because lathe unquestionably scribble vice a reflective squirrel. abashed, long steel
i y a h p o t
i y a h p o t 7 kun oldin
i may be late but i watched this for 8th times i really love kylies personality shes kind
Whitë Dëvil
Whitë Dëvil 7 kun oldin
lujain abdullah
lujain abdullah 7 kun oldin
we want kendall plzzzzz
Jascha Mendoza
Jascha Mendoza 7 kun oldin
:o cheetah print cheetah is my top 2 fav pett
ALAN AND AMBER 7 kun oldin
Omg you are beautiful
Alex Kess
Alex Kess 7 kun oldin
Her personality is adorable. Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Lupita Enriquez
Lupita Enriquez 7 kun oldin
Wow princess cosmetics okay
Tumbling kids Tv
Tumbling kids Tv 7 kun oldin
Demon Dream
Demon Dream 7 kun oldin
I love her so much 😍😍
Lara Aydur
Lara Aydur 8 kun oldin
Wayne Huttel
Wayne Huttel 8 kun oldin
These videos are a great way to keep track of the evolution of her plastic face
Patsy Padilla
Patsy Padilla 8 kun oldin
She has the resemblance of latoya jackson
Arianna rose
Arianna rose 8 kun oldin
Kylie's bday is on August and my bday is on August 😌😌😌😌
Yasmine Rossi
Yasmine Rossi 8 kun oldin
she is really king and has a really sweet personality
Kayla Reynolds
Kayla Reynolds 8 kun oldin
When you said Kylie is that Kylie Jenner or a different Kylie either way girl you look smoking beautiful
anil hosseini
anil hosseini 8 kun oldin
I love u james😍
anil hosseini
anil hosseini 8 kun oldin
Sooo good
What's up بالعربي
What's up بالعربي 8 kun oldin
تابعو الفيديو على قناتنا اللي بغطي القناة هاي كوحدة من أفضل 10 مدونين التجميل و المكياج/بيوتي بلوجرز!
Celia Benouari boez
Celia Benouari boez 9 kun oldin
Y love you james charle❤️❤️💅
Isabella Queen
Isabella Queen 9 kun oldin
Juice Box Hiba
Juice Box Hiba 9 kun oldin
Never mind using scissors SISTERRRRR use those clawwwwwwwssss Periodt
shaina bandari
shaina bandari 9 kun oldin
is that a chicken>>>.
Elisabeth Seraphin
Elisabeth Seraphin 9 kun oldin
i want you to do sssniperwolf
Annaliese Goolsby
Annaliese Goolsby 9 kun oldin
Kylies excitement when James asked "Do h u want more?"
Ellie_ Playz
Ellie_ Playz 9 kun oldin
james: today we are joined by a very VERY special guest! kylie: KyLiEeEeEee
사자-군Lion-kun 9 kun oldin
"Its so nasty" *takes another sip* LOL i can relate 🤣
Alyanna Alonto
Alyanna Alonto 9 kun oldin
Kylie without makeup still pretty
Aliyahmhd 9 kun oldin
Stormi has a good personality just like her mother. Both the sweetest.
Nola S
Nola S 9 kun oldin
James Charles makeup for him be like easy for me ha could never even get a wing right lol!
xico 9 kun oldin
I love her so much 😍💖
iamjensick 9 kun oldin
You are so talented charlie.
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