Makeup Using ONLY My Opposite Hand Challenge! *disaster*

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I did my full face of makeup using ONLY my non-dominant hand. To make it even harder, my team locked my good hand behind my back too... this was one of the worst makeup challenges I've ever filmed so I hope you enjoy watching me struggle!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Sarah Lonaker
Sarah Lonaker 2 soat oldin
James: this looks terrible Me thinking: It's better than me trying to do a natural eyeshadow James: I don't think I can do this! Me: I CAN NEVER DO A FULL FACE MAKEUP WITH OUT GIVING UP!
Allison Topcik
Allison Topcik 2 soat oldin
I don’t even know what Anthony looks like and I wanna marry him now. He’s so funny haha
Ajab Maimoon
Ajab Maimoon 12 soat oldin
Why does James have a cardboard cut out of his body head down?????
Nikki Peng
Nikki Peng 17 soat oldin
I dare James to do you an among us themed makeup look
Eilar Rashed
Eilar Rashed 23 soat oldin
Wow you are so beautiful 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Indie kid Mate
Indie kid Mate Kun oldin
I’ve been here for 4 and a half years James you’ve changed so muchhhhhh
Diana Dolphingrove
Diana Dolphingrove Kun oldin
I love your team xD They are really good content in your videos xD
His team is soooo fucking annoying
Awesome Ness
Awesome Ness Kun oldin
This whole video gives me prisoner and an evil warden vibes
James & Rikki Hetzler
James & Rikki Hetzler Kun oldin
Do you know that you actually made a UZpost video on my birthday well at least posted it
Nagy Gréta
Nagy Gréta Kun oldin
i honestly think this is one of his funniest videos...
Megan Morgan
Megan Morgan Kun oldin
I've been here for 5 years 🎨🖌️
Miriam Delgado
Miriam Delgado Kun oldin
i mean you still need your left arm you neeed it for caring thing driving picking up things from the floor to tipe i mean i am left handed sooooooooooooo yaaaaa but both arms are strong
Linda Peprna
Linda Peprna 2 kun oldin
like im jealous because you have such an amazing friends
Miriam Mattson
Miriam Mattson 2 kun oldin
ok this is my new favorite one of james' videos lol
I Love Anime
I Love Anime 2 kun oldin
I hate the orange lip so much
Dakota Barlow
Dakota Barlow 2 kun oldin
This is easily one of the funniest videos he has posted this year
Bella Gregory
Bella Gregory 2 kun oldin
riona 2 kun oldin
smh james i used to love you
· Blossom ·
· Blossom · 3 kun oldin
I love how the carboard James is ripped in half in the backround
Dua Ali
Dua Ali 3 kun oldin
this video is so chaotic *i love it*
Cordelia Tuckeroid
Cordelia Tuckeroid 3 kun oldin
Me: is ambidextrous Also me:doesn't use makeup
Tytiana Lesure
Tytiana Lesure 3 kun oldin
8:51 tell me that was not soooooooo good like omg 100/10
Shana Brett
Shana Brett 3 kun oldin
He did better than what I could do with my dominant hand-
Austyn Patterson
Austyn Patterson 3 kun oldin
It actually looks good
Izzy Dinchak
Izzy Dinchak 4 kun oldin
I could see Larray coming in this video and being like: 🙄🤯🤬🤣
Yong Cheng
Yong Cheng 4 kun oldin
When you can’t ( talk) swear but you got your good old trusty hand to swear! 😁 4:43
Khadija Alnaqbi
Khadija Alnaqbi 4 kun oldin
James their is something weird about you it is because u are not wearing the sisters apparel merch
Ja Iql
Ja Iql 4 kun oldin
James Iove yuo 😘
Charlie Martoglio
Charlie Martoglio 4 kun oldin
Bruh the right hand joke at the beginning 😳😳😳😳
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane 4 kun oldin
james: *moves/uses right hand* everyone: *freaking out* louis: *taping his arm to his back* trevor: *filming the entire thing* edit: sorry if anyone has taken it🤍
Gigi Baby Life
Gigi Baby Life 4 kun oldin
I'm surprised your not a singer
Praise Isaiah
Praise Isaiah 4 kun oldin
James: I kinda forgot concealer Me: he diiidddd
Hi Dummy
Hi Dummy 4 kun oldin
• RandomRainbow •
• RandomRainbow • 4 kun oldin
I don’t know how I just thought of this but James should sing the national anthem for the super bowl one year
cloudy_safari.roblox 3 kun oldin
C youtube
C youtube 5 kun oldin
His reaction when he hit the whistle notes im dying
Angie R
Angie R 5 kun oldin
What I would do to meet james
블링크 5 kun oldin
You are reading this comment
Millie Saville
Millie Saville 5 kun oldin
Ha "it kinda looks you hands when you dance on tiktok"
V J 5 kun oldin
litteraly me, when I saw that Headless cardboard jAmEs in the corner: * s h o o k * 4:19
Simply Lexi
Simply Lexi 5 kun oldin
Video ideas! Blind folded makeup challenge. Have someone with NO experience do your make up. Get kids makeup and make a makeup look with it. Have a dog choose your products. Hope you see this!!
Simply Lexi
Simply Lexi Kun oldin
starlight Kun oldin
@Simply Lexi it’s good just letting u know
Simply Lexi
Simply Lexi Kun oldin
@starlight oh oop sowwy
starlight 2 kun oldin
He’s done half of those already
Gabby 211
Gabby 211 5 kun oldin
Trump 2021
Mack Attack
Mack Attack 5 kun oldin
James yes people who can use both hands are born that way. Well I am at least like if you are right hand and comment left. Like and comment chicken if u can use both
Olivia Ewing
Olivia Ewing 5 kun oldin
8:35 James and the team singing "the song" together
Payton Welsh
Payton Welsh 6 kun oldin
the lips are blinding i canaaannnnttt seeeeeee
Daisy Hughes
Daisy Hughes 6 kun oldin
What setting spray was that😅
Borgata 6 kun oldin
the only lefty here 🖐🏼
AbsoLute Yt
AbsoLute Yt 6 kun oldin
*I've been here since 2016
Moonlight _285
Moonlight _285 6 kun oldin
James: everyone is going to ask what happened to James Me: What happened to James 😂
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔクロエ 5 kun oldin
Melinda Popovich
Melinda Popovich 6 kun oldin
i love you james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Macailah Carsten
Macailah Carsten 6 kun oldin
Can you make a beginner look please
Claudia Lopez
Claudia Lopez 6 kun oldin
SimplyPlantGirl 6 kun oldin
HUNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY u- um yea you need a lil help-
jose Perez
jose Perez 6 kun oldin
Your the best and Pretty
Aubrielle Caeley Aguila
Aubrielle Caeley Aguila 6 kun oldin
I wanna add: I freaking lobe the editing!!! Honestly i read the subtitles from the bts coz i loveeee the emojis and the way it was spelled and had like an effect.
Aiko Suki
Aiko Suki 6 kun oldin
Hey pudgy can I get a OWA OWA
Aubrielle Caeley Aguila
Aubrielle Caeley Aguila 6 kun oldin
This is not my first time here. And also not my first time in this day.
Saba Park
Saba Park 7 kun oldin
7:10 omg i lost here LMAOOO definitely one of your funniest videos.
Tumse Matlab?
Tumse Matlab? 7 kun oldin
Avryl Gattenhof
Avryl Gattenhof 7 kun oldin
Do you sing your own intro?
marilyn Turner
marilyn Turner 7 kun oldin
I gotta tell
Grace Bussema
Grace Bussema 7 kun oldin
Ok, it’s better than I would’ve done. 😅 I suck at doing my makeup so if I did this challenge I’d poke my eyes out ☠️😂
kim 7 kun oldin
Well first of all yw
_Marysia_ 7 kun oldin
Woah woah wooooaaaaahhhh!!! Yeah yeah yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!
Lathi Nkosi
Lathi Nkosi 7 kun oldin
We. Iove. You
Sarn Nadin
Sarn Nadin 7 kun oldin
you know your an og if you've seen all the videos he put in the intro
Rene Sparks
Rene Sparks 7 kun oldin
Unbelievable it's been five years. congratulations, very proud of you sister.👍😁❤️
Team Carta
Team Carta 8 kun oldin
I can't even do make-up with both my hands 😳
Im Left Handed But Idk they say if your dominated hand your a witch.. *LOL*
Jasmin Steinkraus
Jasmin Steinkraus 8 kun oldin
Even if he just uses one hand he is better than me with two hands🥲😂❤
Niyathi Singh
Niyathi Singh 8 kun oldin
gosh u did good!!!!!
Kim Frasdilla
Kim Frasdilla 8 kun oldin
4:42 thank me later
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes 8 kun oldin
Like omg how can he make fun of people who only have one arm James lol jk love
Sienna Wrightson
Sienna Wrightson 8 kun oldin
I also have liked this video because It was soooo Great and Amazing Too Watch and experience with you james even though you did struggle but I know That I would struggle too because Im left handed and I find It personaly hard too use my right hand for any thing exept maybe basketball and nit even that I can Handle soooo Congrats Well done good Great Amazing Job James Chales.
Josephine Haverty-Stacke
Josephine Haverty-Stacke 8 kun oldin
i am left handed 😢
Puppy Uniform
Puppy Uniform 8 kun oldin
Cause I said it. Exactly what a murder or robber would say.
Lps studios
Lps studios 8 kun oldin
James I thought u did good I am HORRIBLE at makeup
•Painted Sunflower•
•Painted Sunflower• 8 kun oldin
Liliana Sewell
Liliana Sewell 8 kun oldin
✨PrEAcH aTHoNy PrEAcH✨ i swear i watched 10:59 - 11:03 a good 50 times.
Noor Ali
Noor Ali 8 kun oldin
James can put on make up with his left hand better than I can do it with my right hand!
that one army who no one cares about
that one army who no one cares about 8 kun oldin
this is my fave video on the internet
Amelia McClure
Amelia McClure 9 kun oldin
I think I've figured out why you can't find your perfect shade. Your skin is more red than orange (not in a rude way sister) but most foundation shades are more orange than red. Not pink, but red. Hope I could help sister
gabby alonzo
gabby alonzo 9 kun oldin
Omgg I had to get my ear cut off the little part wear the ring is and it got stuck all the way in my ear and I was 6 😙
gabby alonzo
gabby alonzo 9 kun oldin
Omg James
Caitlin Good
Caitlin Good 9 kun oldin
11:29 I love when they just cut the scene. Like we have things to do😂😂
Sophia Corcoran
Sophia Corcoran 9 kun oldin
Do you guys think James Charles does his intro and then sings his the song but keeps recording and then just goes on with the video. I don’t know why I always think this. LOL
aesthetic fp
aesthetic fp 9 kun oldin
8:53 I don’t think ur neighbors like u :o
Mehnoor Bhatti
Mehnoor Bhatti 9 kun oldin
Katrina Uwega
Katrina Uwega 9 kun oldin
4:16 demnnnn he rlly said "don't be shy ,, put some more" 😭😭
Izy Frost
Izy Frost 9 kun oldin
Hi James, I hope you are doing great. I would just like to ask you do you ever get bored of doing mke-up? Thank You Love one of your fans. P.S. Thank you for always being so amazing for us all.❤
Elyssa Acosta
Elyssa Acosta 9 kun oldin
Am I the only person who does the right side of my face with my right hand and the left side with my left hand
Eti Cohen
Eti Cohen 9 kun oldin
This is my new comfort video
Madalynn Quisenberry
Madalynn Quisenberry 9 kun oldin
Madalynn Quisenberry
Madalynn Quisenberry 9 kun oldin
I love the little peep we had at James’ mannequins wearing his merch.
Emily Flowers
Emily Flowers 9 kun oldin
James is gone lol
Taresa Curtis
Taresa Curtis 9 kun oldin
I DID NOT think james even had muscle
ThE RoBlOx MuNcHiEs
ThE RoBlOx MuNcHiEs 9 kun oldin
I’m ambidextrous JAMES
Alanna Martinez
Alanna Martinez 9 kun oldin
10:56 i love him so much this video is so great bc his team/roommates are hilarious
Auri M.
Auri M. 9 kun oldin
James Charles: Omg this makeup look sucks with my non-dominant hand, sEnD hElP *still looks bomb anyway* Me: *literally can't even do my makeup that well with my dominant hand* I- sir, would you like to live a day in my shoes-
Pe'Airah Brown
Pe'Airah Brown 9 kun oldin
Ohhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhh
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